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Years ago, the tiny town of Maple’s Landing was an amazing sight. Bustling with activity, it seemed as though the land had received the Harvest Queen’s blessed touch; and it had.

Blissful life took a turn for the worse over a decade ago, when a great Calamity touched the land. Horrified by the events, the people rebuffed their Queen. Saddened by her people's snubbing, she put herself into a deep sleep and the land withered. Now, the town is tasked with saving their homeland before it's too late.

Join the townspeople in their arduous task and enjoy life in the meantime, form bonds, find love and live!

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SUM. 7 [12/13] | Beach Festival
Avast ye, matey! Ya scallywags ready for a good time full of food, fun, and fireworks?! Of course ye yarrrrr! Come on down to the Kapok Coast to have some Summer fun yeh land lubbers! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Skin: toadstools, with input from all of staff!
Graphics: DayDreamer, Mona, & Half Alive Ice
We do not own Harvest Moon, Ranch Story or Story of Seasons - credit belongs to Marvelous, Natsume, & xSeed.

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 Espresso Yourself
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