Maple's Landing - A Harvest Moon RP -> The Farmer and the Con... Artist?

Years ago, the tiny town of Maple’s Landing was an amazing sight. Bustling with activity, it seemed as though the land had received the Harvest Queen’s blessed touch; and it had.

Blissful life took a turn for the worse over a decade ago, when a great Calamity touched the land. Horrified by the events, the people rebuffed their Queen. Saddened by her people's snubbing, she put herself into a deep sleep and the land withered. Now, the town is tasked with saving their homeland before it's too late.

Join the townspeople in their arduous task and enjoy life in the meantime, form bonds, find love and live!

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SPR. 7[10/13] | Fox Hunt
The ultimate whodunit! This year it's a little different and pretty spooky! Can the Fox Spirit be found before time's up?!

SPR. 12 [10/23] | Harmony Day
Love is in the aaaair~ 🎵 Get together with your sweetheart and spend a romantic evening together! If you're single though... well, maybe one of the bars will have a single mingle to meet someone at. ;)

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 The Farmer and the Con... Artist?, ic: William || iso: Delaney
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 04:53 PM

Small Milk

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William Marksworth
Winter 15 Y8 | Evening | Mood: Hangry and Cold | Outfit | Tag: @Koppai

With the bitter chill of the night setting in, William was trying to hurridly finish up organizing the storage in his barn before night set in. Hoping to get it done within the afternoon, the darkness set in a lot sooner than he had expected, and before he knew it his stomach was roaring for dinner-- and he hadn't even started anything yet!

Leftovers weren't an option, as... sadly he'd eaten them in place of breakfast this morning. Adjusting his coat, he shivered, looking out onto his snow-dusted fields as the freezing temperatures continued to set in.

Making his way towards the back of the barn to warm himself up from the cold, he thought of some dinner ideas. There was that beef he bought the other day to make a beef-and-potato meal... but something told him to go out a little more this evening. Something in his stomach screamed 'Soy Sauce marinade' and 'Rosmary-Baked Potatoes', Green beans also sounded good, maybe he'd even spice up some canned soup for a side...

That's... a lot of food for one person, and way too many things to worry about expiring if he didn't eat them as leftovers... William sighed, the cold air really starting to get to him as he decided to gun it and make his way back to the house so he could get started on dinner. He hurriedly bolted out the door and scurried, trying to remove his gloves so he could easily open the door.

... That is, until he realized he forgot to grab the apples he was going to bring inside. With a huff, he turned around, and started to shuffle quickly back over to the barn.
 Posted: Sep 14 2017, 11:06 PM

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Delaney Weston
------with William on Winter 15, Y8
--------It's late evening, and cold.
--------- @Beatrix

What a season it had been. Her artistic rampage had finished – well, for the most part – and now Delaney had a lot of downtime and more pressing, a lot of money on hand. She was in a new area as well, the north east commonwealth... and what a place it was. Delaney had to admit – it fit her. The people in the city were unfriendly, unmoving and ignored her. The small town people in the places she crashed seemed mostly afraid of her. It just all felt right. A girl could really set up shop in a place like this – and so, Delaney wanted to. She'd chosen this little town for her future studio – Maple's Landing – judging solely on the rumors coming out of it. A dead(??) goddess. Old unsolved axe murders from decades ago, followed by a random resurgence more recently. Weird masquerade themed parties... it was a dream, really. So interesting, so weird.

But Delaney was in a lull, creatively. She was bored most days, rarely venturing to get out of bed or do much of anything. Most of the time, if she was brave enough to get out of bed, she wandered the Landing until late at night – after all, it was the best time for her to clear her head. Clad in all black, she was doing just the same, trudging through the dirty old snow that'd been sitting all season, eyes scanning around this “Sequoia Roads” district. What a bleak landscape in the dead of winter, she truly loved it. What emptiness, what a blank canvas, just splashes of bleak, peeling color and paint from barns. And then, there, off the way of someone's farm, a basket of misplaced red apples, peeking teasingly from an open barn door. Delaney stopped. She held her breath.

It was as if she'd been struck with lightning, the instant inspiration. She could see the painting in her mind – a bleak white canvas, an outstretched arm, red spilling from it and slowly shaping into perfect, ripe apples. She wanted to get home right away – but first, she needed the apples. She had to have them, these little beacons of inspiration. Maybe to paint, maybe to consume and steal their beauty and power, she really hadn't decided yet, but... she had to have them.

Quickly, Delaney leapt over the fenced partition, carelessly approaching the basket Her hands were clasped around it just when the owner reappeared, ready to reclaim his apples.

”♥♥♥♥.... uhhhh.” This was not the same situation as the classroom in Greenfield, and without any prior planning, Delaney was stuck. She stared at the farmer, hands gripping the basket challengingly. He'd pry these apples from her cold, dead, axe-murdered hands.
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