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Years ago, the tiny town of Maple’s Landing was an amazing sight. Bustling with activity, it seemed as though the land had received the Harvest Queen’s blessed touch; and it had.

Blissful life took a turn for the worse over a decade ago, when a great Calamity touched the land. Horrified by the events, the people rebuffed their Queen. Saddened by her people's snubbing, she put herself into a deep sleep and the land withered. Now, the town is tasked with saving their homeland before it's too late.

Join the townspeople in their arduous task and enjoy life in the meantime, form bonds, find love and live!

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 Character Favorites
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 09:38 PM


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Just a little inventory of favorite things I came up with for you to answer about your characters! Because I know I actually have answers to most of these for all of my characters because I'm unnecessarily detailed, AND NOW YOU CAN BE TOO!!

Favorite color:

Favorite candy:

Favorite season:

Favorite book genre:

Favorite TV show genre:

Favorite movie genre:

Favorite school subject:

Favorite flower:

Favorite breakfast:

Favorite lunch / dinner:

Favorite dessert:

Favorite game:

Favorite drink:

Favorite room in the house:

Favorite type of music:

Favorite gum flavor:

Favorite animal:

Favorite fruit:

Favorite vegetable:

Favorite restaurant type:

Favorite pattern:

Favorite accessory:

Favorite person:

Favorite sport:

Favorite festival:

Favorite soda:

Favorite scent:

Favorite trait:

Favorite pizza toppings:

Favorite place to vacation:

Favorite theme park ride:

Favorite lunchbox snack:

Favorite day of the week:

Favorite baby boy name:

Favorite baby girl name:

[b]Favorite color:[/b]

[b]Favorite candy:[/b]

[b]Favorite season:[/b]

[b]Favorite book genre:[/b]

[b]Favorite TV show genre:[/b]

[b]Favorite movie genre:[/b]

[b]Favorite school subject:[/b]

[b]Favorite flower:[/b]

[b]Favorite breakfast:[/b]

[b]Favorite lunch / dinner:[/b]

[b]Favorite dessert:[/b]

[b]Favorite game:[/b]

[b]Favorite drink:[/b]

[b]Favorite room in the house:[/b]

[b]Favorite type of music:[/b]

[b]Favorite gum flavor:[/b]

[b]Favorite animal:[/b]

[b]Favorite fruit:[/b]

[b]Favorite vegetable:[/b]

[b]Favorite restaurant type:[/b]

[b]Favorite pattern:[/b]

[b]Favorite accessory:[/b]

[b]Favorite person:[/b]

[b]Favorite sport:[/b]

[b]Favorite festival:[/b]

[b]Favorite soda:[/b]

[b]Favorite scent:[/b]

[b]Favorite trait:[/b]

[b]Favorite pizza toppings:[/b]

[b]Favorite place to vacation:[/b]

[b]Favorite theme park ride:[/b]

[b]Favorite lunchbox snack:[/b]

[b]Favorite day of the week:[/b]

[b]Favorite baby boy name:[/b]

[b]Favorite baby girl name:[/b]
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 10:27 PM

Small Milk

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Philemon Moore

Favorite color: White

Favorite candy: Licorice

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book genre: Philosophical and cooking books

Favorite TV show genre: Cooking shows (mostly laughing at their mediocrity but hey)

Favorite movie genre: Sci-fi

Favorite school subject: Well probably science but hey I dropped out,
so what do i know

Favorite flower: Lavender (also great in desserts!)

Favorite breakfast: Mushrooms on toast

Favorite lunch / dinner: Croûte aux champignons (Mushrooms but it's francaisseeeeee....

Favorite dessert: MUSHRO- Ok kidding. Cheesecake is always a good comfort food.

Favorite game: Poker is always fun (get me dunk enough and it'll turn into strip poker)

Favorite drink: Artisan Beer (none of that commercial crap)

Favorite room in the house: THE KITCHEN

Favorite type of music: Swing Jazz

Favorite gum flavor: Gum is pointless, you can't even eat it.

Favorite animal: Pigs, they're cute, smart AND DELICIOUS!

Favorite fruit: Green Apples

Favorite vegetable: Potatoes (As a chef, i respect an ingredient with endless possibilities.)

Favorite restaurant type: Well MY RESTAURANT duhhh... But I guess Francaissan and Indorean restaurants are pretty nice.

Favorite pattern: Plain

Favorite accessory: Handkerchiefs (NOT HATS)

Favorite person: Anybody who shares my passion for cooking

Favorite sport: Martial Arts

Favorite festival: Don't know yet!

Favorite soda: Root beer

Favorite scent: Curryyyy

Favorite trait: Passionate

Favorite pizza toppings: All of them (but screw you pineapple, you're a fruit not a pizza topping)

Favorite place to vacation: Somewhere that preferably has awesome food

Favorite theme park ride: I don't go on the rides, i stay at the food vendors and uncomfortably start being too inquisitive about their recipes.

Favorite lunchbox snack: Cured meats

Favorite day of the week: Sunday (Sunday roast is always fun)

Favorite baby boy name: Arsène

Favorite baby girl name: Casandra
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 11:35 PM


Group: Eggplant
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Favorite color: Blue!

Favorite candy: Blue flavor! (anything... blue flavor anything)

Favorite season: Spring cause the baby animals

Favorite book genre: Adventurey books! Like all of the big book series where there's a bad guy and the main character has to go on an adventure to beat em!

Favorite TV show genre: Cartoons where you got the friend group of girls who transform into magical girls and they beat up the bad guys all kick butt like, and there are lots of sparkles and bright colors and there's cute little talking animals.

Favorite movie genre: Action movies with lots of explosions

Favorite school subject: P.E.

Favorite flower: I don't know, I guess daisies?

Favorite breakfast: Bacon and pancakes! With lots of syrup!

Favorite lunch / dinner: Jambalaya with loooots of sausage!

Favorite dessert: Ice cream cake! It's ice cream! And it's cake!

Favorite game: Dodgeball!!!

Favorite drink: Blue flavor sports drink

Favorite room in the house: My room!

Favorite type of music: Pop!

Favorite gum flavor: Strawberry kiwi flavor fruity gum

Favorite animal: HORSES

Favorite fruit: Satsumas

Favorite vegetable: Cucumbers

Favorite restaurant type: Pizza!

Favorite pattern: Glittery rainbows. Does that count?

Favorite accessory: Hair barrettes

Favorite person: My mom!

Favorite sport: Soccer!!!!

Favorite festival: Yule TOMATO FEST!!!

Favorite soda: Orange flavor

Favorite scent: Cookies

Favorite trait: Adventure!!!

Favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni and sausage!

Favorite place to vacation: DIDNEY WORLD

Favorite theme park ride: ROLLERCOASTER!!!!!!!

Favorite lunchbox snack: Fruit rollups

Favorite day of the week: Friday!

Favorite baby boy name: Brandt... Maybe... I dunno.

Favorite baby girl name: Zoe


Favorite color: Gray

Favorite candy: Sour gummies

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite book genre: Mystery

Favorite TV show genre: Sci-fi and game shows

Favorite movie genre: Sci-fi and thrillers

Favorite school subject: Science

Favorite flower: Um... white?

Favorite breakfast: Donuts

Favorite lunch / dinner: Double cheeseburger

Favorite dessert: Red velvet cheesecake bites

Favorite game: Don't have one.

Favorite drink: Whiskey and cola

Favorite room in the house: The kitchen if someone's cooking something for me

Favorite type of music: Rock

Favorite gum flavor: Winter mint

Favorite animal: Cats

Favorite fruit: Bananas

Favorite vegetable: Corn

Favorite restaurant type: Burger

Favorite pattern: Stripes maybe

Favorite accessory: Hats?

Favorite person: I'mma be cheesy and say my boyfriend

Favorite sport: Cross country

Favorite festival: Harvest fest (free food)

Favorite soda: Cola

Favorite scent: Cigarettes and leather

Favorite trait: I mean, if you can feed me

Favorite pizza toppings: Whatever comes on a supreme

Favorite place to vacation: Never been on one so I dunno

Favorite theme park ride: The ferris wheel at Coney Island always looked cool

Favorite lunchbox snack: Sour cream and onion potato chips

Favorite day of the week: Sunday. They're always lazy.

Favorite baby boy name: Patrick

Favorite baby girl name: I guess Scout. Like in To Kill a Mockingbird. Is that pretentious?


Favorite color: Green and yellow

Favorite candy: [colormediumseagreen]Chocolate with toffee bits. Also cake. Also also snickerdoodle cookeis[/color]

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite book genre: Who reads?

Favorite TV show genre: Drama

Favorite movie genre: Romcom

Favorite school subject: HA! Does art class count?

Favorite flower: Sunflowers

Favorite breakfast: Pancakes

Favorite lunch / dinner: BURGERS! Also I suppose fried chicken

Favorite dessert: Warm brownies with ice cream on top. I think I just peed a little thinking about it.

Favorite game: Never have I ever

Favorite drink: Fruit flavored lemonade

Favorite room in the house: Whatever room has the TV

Favorite type of music: Rock and roll! And pop!

Favorite gum flavor: Bubblegum flavor

Favorite pattern: Florals and paisleys

Favorite accessory: Bracelets.

Favorite person: My dad, I suppose.

Favorite sport: FOOTBALL

Favorite festival: Masquerade

Favorite soda: Rootbeer

Favorite scent: Lemony citrusy smells

Favorite trait: Funniness

Favorite pizza toppings: GIMME THE MEATS

Favorite place to vacation: The beach

Favorite theme park ride: Bumper cars

Favorite lunchbox snack: Those bad ass brownies the cool kids always had! With the sprinkles. You know the ones.

Favorite day of the week: HUMP DAI

Favorite baby boy name: Owen

Favorite baby girl name: Nora

Lou Anne

Favorite color:Purple

Favorite candy: Chocolates

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book genre: Romance

Favorite TV show genre: Drama

Favorite movie genre: Romance

Favorite school subject: English / Theatre

Favorite flower: Orchid

Favorite breakfast: Fresh fruit

Favorite lunch / dinner: Anything with collard greens

Favorite dessert: Apple pie

Favorite game: Canasta

Favorite drink: Lemondrop Martini

Favorite room in the house: My bathroom

Favorite type of music: Jazz... and Showtunes

Favorite gum flavor: Mint

Favorite animal: Maltese dogs

Favorite fruit: Strawberries

Favorite vegetable: Spinach

Favorite restaurant type: Gourmet

Favorite pattern: Chevron

Favorite accessory: Pearls

Favorite person: What a weird question

Favorite sport: Dance

Favorite festival: Flower Festival

Favorite soda: Lemon lime

Favorite scent: Rose

Favorite trait: Chivalry

Favorite pizza toppings: I don't usually eat pizza, but spinach and feta

Favorite place to vacation: Beach

Favorite theme park ride: Ferris Wheel[Color]

Favorite lunchbox snack: [color=darkmagenta]Cookies

Favorite day of the week: Friday

Favorite baby boy name: Jackson

Favorite baby girl name: Georgia

More to come later
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 12:32 AM

ferocious tongue play

Group: Pineapple
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Status: Offline
Rep: 59 pts

Awards: 38

Favorite color: Black and dark red.

Favorite candy: Crunchy Chocolate Bar

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book genre: Horror, Mystery

Favorite TV show genre: Crime Drama

Favorite movie genre: Action, Horror

Favorite school subject: Shop Classes

Favorite flower: Cactus Flowers

Favorite breakfast: Bunny In A Hole with Bacon, OJ no pulp

Favorite lunch / dinner: Grilled Cheese with Fries & Applesauce and a Milkshake; Medium Rare Steak with Mashed Potatoes.

Favorite dessert: Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

Favorite game: Truth or Dare

Favorite drink: all of the above Red Wine

Favorite room in the house: Bedroom

Favorite type of music: Rock & Roll

Favorite gum flavor: Strawberry

Favorite animal: Okapi

Favorite fruit: Strawberry

Favorite vegetable: Corn

Favorite restaurant type: Bar

Favorite pattern: Floral

Favorite accessory: Bandana/Scarf

Favorite person: Whoever is serving her a drink

Favorite sport: Dodgeball

Favorite festival: Fox Hunt

Favorite soda: Root Beer

Favorite scent: Salty sea breeze and sunscreen

Favorite trait: Good Humor

Favorite pizza toppings: Meat Lover's

Favorite place to vacation: Beach

Favorite theme park ride: Rollercoaster

Favorite lunchbox snack: Crackers or Cheese Puffs

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite baby boy name: ew

Favorite baby girl name: ew


Favorite color: Blue

Favorite candy: Malted Milk Balls

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite book genre: Drama & Plays, primarily social commentary

Favorite TV show genre: Comedy

Favorite movie genre: Art House

Favorite school subject: English

Favorite flower: Rose

Favorite breakfast: Toast & jam, black coffee

Favorite lunch / dinner: Chicken Piccata

Favorite dessert: Cappuccino and tiramisu

Favorite game: Scrabble

Favorite drink: Coffee or Scotch

Favorite room in the house: Writing Space

Favorite type of music: Classical, Show Tunes

Favorite gum flavor: Mint

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite fruit: Pineapple

Favorite vegetable: Tomato

Favorite restaurant type: Italian

Favorite pattern: Stripes

Favorite accessory: Hat

Favorite person: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favorite sport: Baseball

Favorite festival: Flower Festival

Favorite soda: Standard Cola

Favorite scent: An old book

Favorite trait: Honesty

Favorite pizza toppings: Basil

Favorite place to vacation: Mountains

Favorite theme park ride: Carousel

Favorite lunchbox snack: Pretzels

Favorite day of the week: Friday

Favorite baby boy name: ???

Favorite baby girl name: ???


Favorite color: Lavender

Favorite candy: Dark Chocolate Truffles

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite book genre: Romance (YA)

Favorite TV show genre: Teen Soap Opera

Favorite movie genre: Rom Com

Favorite school subject: Science

Favorite flower: Sunflower

Favorite breakfast: Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Apple Juice

Favorite lunch / dinner: Chicken & Dumplings

Favorite dessert: Devil's Food Cake

Favorite game: Dream Date

Favorite drink: Soda

Favorite room in the house: Family Room

Favorite type of music: Pop

Favorite gum flavor: Bubblegum

Favorite animal: All the cute ones!

Favorite fruit: Peach

Favorite vegetable: Carrot

Favorite restaurant type: Soul Food or Diner

Favorite pattern: Lace (does that count?)

Favorite accessory: Lip Gloss

Favorite person: Family

Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite festival: Flower Festival

Favorite soda: Vanilla Cola

Favorite scent: Fresh Flowers

Favorite trait: Friendly

Favorite pizza toppings: Extra Cheese

Favorite place to vacation: Country

Favorite theme park ride: Teacups

Favorite lunchbox snack: Carrots

Favorite day of the week: Sunday

Favorite baby boy name: ???

Favorite baby girl name: ???


Favorite color: Brown

Favorite candy: Matcha Candy

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book genre: Cookbooks

Favorite TV show genre: Historical Drama

Favorite movie genre: Thriller

Favorite school subject: Science

Favorite flower: Phalaenopsis Orchid

Favorite breakfast: Japanese-Style Rice with Egg

Favorite lunch / dinner: Lamb Shanks, Filet, Cornish Game Hen… anything fancy

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake

Favorite game: Blackjack

Favorite drink: Beer

Favorite room in the house: Kitchen

Favorite type of music: Depressing new wave trash

Favorite gum flavor: Cinnamon

Favorite animal: Lion

Favorite fruit: Orange

Favorite vegetable: Peppers & Garlic

Favorite restaurant type: Gastropub

Favorite pattern: Pinstripe

Favorite accessory: Watch

Favorite person: the ladies rowr

Favorite sport: Racing

Favorite festival: Harvest Festival probably?

Favorite soda: Ginger Ale

Favorite scent: Beer being brewed

Favorite trait: Submission

Favorite pizza toppings: Banana Peppers

Favorite place to vacation: Tropical Island

Favorite theme park ride: that rickety carnival ♥♥♥♥, the most risky ride

Favorite lunchbox snack: Orange slices

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite baby boy name: Marcus

Favorite baby girl name: Marcusita
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 06:12 PM

Small Milk

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this counts as my once-yearly post right??


Favorite color: Mint green

Favorite candy: Saltwater taffy - except the peanut butter ones

Favorite season: Early spring, or mid to late autumn

Favorite book genre: Comic books. I promise he's an adult.

Favorite TV show genre: Comedic adventure

Favorite movie genre: Action adventure

Favorite school subject: History

Favorite flower: ..grass? uh. the yellow ones

Favorite breakfast: Granola

Favorite lunch / dinner: More granola, and sometimes other ''real'' food like roasts and mashed potatoes

Favorite dessert: Granola bars, preferably with the fruit stuff

Favorite game: Othello, most card games. Screw Monopoly

Favorite drink: Water

Favorite room in the house: The study

Favorite type of music: Soft rock, alt rock

Favorite gum flavor: Mint berry. Berry mint?

Favorite animal: Stingrays

Favorite fruit: Mango

Favorite vegetable: Snap peas

Favorite restaurant type: Takeout

Favorite accessory: Watch

Favorite sport: Water polo.. not that he's ever played, it just sounds cool

Favorite soda: Bubbly (flavored) water

Favorite scent: Lemongrass

Favorite trait: Aspirations

Favorite pizza toppings: Pepper flakes

Favorite place to vacation: Anywhere that isn't too hot

Favorite theme park ride: Flying swings

Favorite lunchbox snack: Yogurt, in all forms except squeeze tube

Favorite day of the week: Thursday - still possible to get work done, but it's near enough to the weekend

Favorite baby boy name: ha ha

Favorite baby girl name: ha ha

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